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Troy Community Church

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We have a simple mission:
For the next few weeks we will be meeting online through Facebook Live. Please "Like" us so you can receive notifications of starting times, etc. Almost all of our teachings can be found on the TCC YouTube channel and on this web site.

To be a healthy expression of Christian faith by being a community.

A Community Church should include:

  • Vibrant, Dynamic Worship
  • Fellowship - Sharing of Our Lives with One Another
  • Solid Biblical Teaching
  • Character Building Relationships
  • Local and Global Outreach
  • Corporate and Private Prayerfulness

    We are well into our study of 1-2 Timothy. We are starting 2 Timothy [June 27] - Paul's last letter prior to being executed by Emperor Nero. We will learn something about church "traditions."
    You can listen to the 1-2 Timothy teachings:
    TCC YouTube
    TCC Teachings - On-Site

    Troy Community Church

    Troy Community Church
    Christian Fellowship
    1300 Henderson Highway
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