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Sunday Worship - 10:00 AM

Come and Join Us

What to Expect:
We are a casually dressed congregation - be comfortable.
Our worship is usually 20-30 minutes - contemporary with some traditional songs mixed in. We have a 10-15 minute break after worship - have some coffee and a snack...and fellowship. Our teachings are usually around 20-30 minutes.
We conclude with a Question, Answer and Comment time to hear from each other.
View our Sunday Morning Teaching Videos


Wednesday Small Groups - 6:30 PM

We are building our team.
All are welcome. We share about ourselves, pray for one another and share our vision for Troy Community Church. Our small groups are not bible study and not a prayer meeting.

This is where we get to know each other, so we can learn to love and care for each other. You are not forced to share, but encouraged to do so.

This is where we are learning to become disciples and followers of Jesus.


5th Sunday Fellowship - 10 AM

On every 5th Sunday we try to have a Fellowship meal together AFTER our worship service with games and fellowship. This is a special time because we are hanging out together, eating a meal and "playing" together. This is what a family does. This is what friends do. Sometimes we will have a "food contest:" who can make the best chili or chicken salad?
Fun competition and good food! Come join us.


Sunday Night Teaching Series - 6:00 PM

Consistently through the year we have a three week series covering a specific topic in greater detail than could happen on a Sunday morning. These series are more educational in nature and are typically run like a classroom.

Here are the topics we have covered or have planned:
- Early Church History (the first three centuries)
- How the New Testament Canon was Formed - Feb 11,18 & 25
- The Messianic Promises found in the Jewish Festivals

New Testament Class Starts Feb 11


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