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Teaching Videos

Teaching Videos
This page has topical messages and those given on special days, like Easter Sunday for example.

Easter - 2018
The Last Supper of Jesus and the First Meal of the Resurrected Messiah revealed on the Emmaus Road...and breaking of bread.

Get to the Root Issue Rather than the Symptom
When we have problems between us OR we feel separated from God, we need to get past the symptoms and deal with the root issue.

How to be Yourself and Present Christ to the World
The thing most of us do MOST of the time is communicate: we deliver messages to others and we receive messages from others. How do we do this effectively AND present Christ to the world?

Our Identity in Christ
Sirran Wilkes: We develop our identity as we live and grow up, but we need to listen to what God says about our identity in Christ.

Water Baptism - Our Pledge to Follow Jesus
Water baptism, an act of allegiance - has always been a source of division in the church. This teaching attempts to get to the core of WHY we submit to water baptism.

Letting God be Sovereign Over Our Systems
Jude Tharp: We tend to build our own little boxes for God in our lives, then we get frustrated when things (or when God) do not go the way we want.

How to Make 2017 a Good Year
Simple, yet important principles for building solid discipline in our lives - this will help you have a solid year in 2017.

Ministry of Adoption - the Heart of the Father
Erin Baker shares about her work with orphanages in Honduras and the ministry of adoption. Al Baker follows with a few words about the Father Heart of God.

How to Deal with Anger
Anger is something we all face. How we deal with it, especially within the family of Christians, is critical.

The 2016 Election - the State of America
The bulk of this message was written PRIOR to Election Day. The Church desperately needs to address the issues of our culture.

Acts 6 - Part 1 - The Greek Influences in the New Testament
In order to understand the importance of this chapter I decided to do a 20 minute summary of the Greek influences in the New Testament. This is critical for understanding not only Acts, but also the apostle Paul and really ALL of the New Testament.

Easter Sunday - The Physical Resurrection of Jesus
1 Cor 15 is the first written Christian treatise on the resurrection - there were no gospels when the Apostle Paul wrote his first letter to the Corinthians. Paul gives us testimony not found in ANY gospel - 500 people saw the risen Jesus at the same time.

The Apostle's Creed
We have an early witness to what later becomes The Apostle's Creed in the Letters of Ignatius of Antioch, around the year 112-120AD. This is a simple proclamation of the very basics of the historic Christian faith.

The Racial Tension in America
The shootings of Police Officers in Dallas, Texas are a harbinger of things to come if the body of Christ fails to step up and lead the way against hate and racism.

What Happens When Leaders Fail
We are supposed to be the body of Christ. This means that IF/WHEN someone fails in our midst we must: 1. Forgive them  2. Restore them  3. Keep them in the family of our fellowship.

The Good Samaritan
Trevor Twine, recent ministerial graduate.
How do we actually live out the story of the Good Samaritan? Jesus commands us to love our neighbor - are we being faithful?

Mother's Day - 2016
We should express and show our love for our mothers everyday, but picking a specific day is not a bad thing. I share stories from my life regarding my mom and how they reflect God's activity in our lives.

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