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Teaching Series - 1-2 Kings

1-2 Kings - Historical Introduction
A house divided cannot stand. These books of the OT are the history of what happened to Israel AFTER the death of Solomon. Two men fought to be King and rather than one of them "winning," they split the kingdom in two: the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Both kingdoms ended in disaster.

1 Kings 13 - Only Human
A young prophet from Judah confronts Jeroboam in a very intense fashion. Then we have a strange story of an older prophet lying to the young man to deceive him. God judges the young prophet. This is a very strange story that can speak to us about our sinful natures and being obedient to God.

1 Kings 17-18 - The Showdown of Elijah
This famous story of Elijah defeating the prophets of Baal is a great story. In the aftermath, however, we see the great prophet failing to obey God. This is an interesting story that can teach us alot about what God values in our lives.

1 Kings 20-22 - God's Sovereignty - Our Choices
In these chapters we see the results of Elijah failing to obey God when he was given three distinct commands after he fled from Jezebel. It's a picture of God's Sovereignty working around our sinful choices.

2 Kings 1 - Fire from Heaven...Again
Another interesting story of Elijah calling down fire from heaven...because he is afraid. The same sinful fear that caused him to disobey God when he was supposed to confront Jezebel. He had a thing for calling down fire. But Jesus let us know that grace and mercy are the callings we are supposed to pursue.

Timothy Quackenbos - Testing the Anointing
How we can know that God is calling us and using us. We need the anointing in our lives and if we walk with Him and seek Him, He will confirm His calling. Timothy presents a different side to Elijah than what Al Baker shared in a prior teaching.


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