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Teaching Videos

Teaching Series - 1 John
Our apologies - we are missing a few 1 John videos - we messed up on the technology.

1 John 2 - Denial of Jesus as Messiah
The audience in Asia Minor is mostly Jewish. There are some in the community teaching that Jesus is NOT the promised Messiah. John calls these people the "antichrist," those "against" Messiah.

1 John - Obedience IS Part of the New Command
This little letter has some challenging statements about sin in the life of a Christian. This message speaks to the issue of obedience from another angle. I hope this message helps you think more clearly about "sin" in 1 John.

1 John 4-5 - Love One Another
"Love One Another" is John's main message to the church. It is the "New Commandment" in the New Covenant struck by Jesus.

1 John 4 - Dr Michael Sharp - Agape Love
The Greek word "Agape" and how it is supposed to work itself out in Christian community. We were created for covenant relationships.


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