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Teaching Series - Gospel of Mark


Intro to Mark's Gospel
Historical background of the first gospel to take written form. We talk a bit about how and why this gospel was put into writing.

Mark 1 - Was Jesus ever angry?
Textual evidence presented to show Jesus DID display righteous anger/indignation toward injustice and hypocrisy practiced by the people of his day. Observations: People still act now as they did in Jesus' day and there ARE expressions of anger which are not sinful.

Mark 2 - Jesus, the Disrupter
Jesus makes it clear that He is in open conflict with the religious leaders of His day: the scribes and Pharisees. He is the new Sheriff in town!

Mark 3 - God is Sovereign and Goodness directs His Power.
Quote of the Sermon: "The reason denominations exist is because people extract more clarity from Scripture than God gives." Truth is, God is not always as clear in scripture as we would like Him to be.

Mark 5 - The Woman with the Issue of Blood is Healed
This woman was not just sick, she was unclean and an outcast. She seeks for Jesus, asking for a solution to her problem.

Mark 5 - Healing of Jairus' Daughter
Jesus heals the daughter of the synogogue ruler. When Jesus heals "unclean" people, He is not just healing them - He is restoring them into the community of God.

Mark 6 - Not Being Respected in Your Home Town
Jesus is not given respect in Nazareth. Even his family doubts Him. How does Jesus respond to this lack of trust, respect and faith?

Mark 7 - Religious rules or rule of the Spirit?
Jesus is attacked by the Jews for allowing His followers to eat with "unclean" hands. Was this really what bothered the Jews? Or was something else going on?

Mark 8 - There is a New Sheriff in Town
It is showdown time between Jesus and the Jewish religious elite. As Jesus is headed toward Jerusalem He has revealed (only to His disciples at this time) He will suffer, die and be raised from the dead.

Mark 9-10 - The Sheriff is Headed for the Showdown
Jesus is ready to confront the Jews. He is on His way to Jerusalem and the Passover for the Showdown at the OK Corral.

Mark 11 - Jesus Clears the Greed from the Temple
The showdown of Jesus leads Him to lead a disturbance in the Temple. This disrupts the Jewish system for offering sacrifices.

Mark 12 - Jesus Challenged by the Religious Leaders
Jesus tells the Parable of the Tenants: this is Jesus warning the Religious Leaders that God was about to replace them. Through this section Jesus is asking: What are you willing to give?

Mark 13 - The End of the Age
Jesus predicts that God will destroy Jerusalem. This is Jewish Apocalypticism: Jesus gives His only true teaching on the End of the World, the Olivet Discourse.

Mark 14-15 - The Passion of Jesus Betrayed and Crucified
A women anoints Jesus for burial. Jesus tells the disciples that one of them will betray Him, THEN serves them the Last Supper. He is tried, convicted and killed.

Mark 16 - The Witness of the Empty Tomb
The women discovered the empty tomb and believed the message - Jesus has risen from the dead! Christian faith begins with uneducated women believing and telling a very simple message to the disciples (who struggled to believe).



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