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The Gospels - The Story of Jesus
This page has messages from the gospels as we cover the life and story of Jesus.

The Messiah's Time has Come - Matt 14-17
These events begin with the death of John the Baptist and ends with Jesus telling His disciples He will have to die. It's the beginning of the end of the ministry of Jesus.

The Parable of the Weeds - Matt 13
Jesus is talking about a judgment that is final and eternal. IF there is eternal Life it just makes sense that judgment is eternal.

Water Baptism - Following Jesus in His Baptism
Water baptism, an act of allegiance - has always been a source of division in the church. This teaching attempts to get to the core of WHY we submit to water baptism.

The Call to Follow Jesus
Jude draws out some key points to following Jesus from His call in the gospels.

The Sermon on the Mount - Matt 5-7
Reading and understanding the words of Jesus can be tricky. Some of his sayings are hyperbolic, not to be taken literally while others are challenging and are to be taken literally.

The Lord's Prayer - Matt 6
The disciples asked Jesus to teach them HOW to pray. He gives them what we call The Lord's Prayer, or the Our Father. This simple and profound prayer teaches us principles of His kingdom.

Healing of the Paralyzed Man - Mark 2
A group of men decided to carry a paralyzed man to Jesus. They tear a hole in the roof of a house and lower him - they just needed to get the man to Jesus...and that is ALL God asks us to do.

The Gospel Includes Social Help - Luke 4
Jesus cares deeply for outcasts, the needy and those rejected by society. The Church should mirror the heart of Jesus.

The Raising of Lazarus - John 11
A closer look at this story and questions of how the disciples failed to understand the concepts Jesus tries to convey.

Be Careful how You Judge - Matt 7
Jesus warns us to be careful how we judge. Whatever measurement you use to judge others will be used to judge you. Community cannot survive with a judgmental spirit.

The Anointing of Jesus - Luke 7
Most focus on the actions of the woman. We are going to look at the reaction of the Pharisee and how he judges both the woman AND Jesus.
My Sheep Hear My Voice - John 10
Jesus tells us that He is our Shepherd and that His Sheep know His voice. We can hear Him speaking to us for direction in our lives.


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