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Teaching Series - Study of the Book of Acts
This is our first teaching series for the new church, so I thought it would be a good idea to study the new Christian church as presented in New Testament Acts.

Acts 6 - Part 1 - The Greek Influences in the New Testament
In order to understand the importance of this chapter I decided to do a 20 minute summary of the Greek influences in the New Testament. This is critical for understanding not only Acts, but also the apostle Paul and really ALL of the New Testament.

Acts 6 - Part 2 - Selection of the First Deacons
In Acts 6 we have our first conflict in the primitive church: Greek-speaking Jewish widows were being neglected in the daily distribution of food and other essentials. Our history lesson on the Greek influences in the first century Jewish world helps us to understand WHY and HOW this neglect of the widows happened. It is instructive how the apostles deal with the conflict.

Acts 9 - The Conversion of the Apostle Paul
Acts 9 describes the conversion experience of the Apostle Paul. For historical context and first hand testimony we read from Galatians 1 to see what Paul says about his life and conversion experience.

Acts 10 - Reaching Those of Different Cultures
In Acts 10 we have our first record of the primitive church reaching out to Gentiles or Greeks. Our history lesson on the Greek influences in the first century Jewish world helps us to understand WHY and HOW this story of Peter reaching out to a Roman Commander is so important.

Christians, War and Military Service:
From the New Testament to Emperor Constantine

By R.A. Baker

Acts 10 introduces Cornelius, a Roman soldier, with nothing but good things to say about him - nothing to indicate that his military service was unacceptable. I am offering this eBook for FREE because I want Christians to know the evidence regarding Christianity and the military.

Acts 15 - The Jerusalem Council
Jewish leaders begin to demand that Paul's Gentile converts are required to be circumcised and to obey the Laws of Moses in order to be saved. Paul strongly disagrees and treks to Jerusalem to have our first Church Council to decide the issue.

Acts 16 - Part 2 - When Finding God's Direction is Difficult
Paul is trying to take the gospel to Northern Galatia, but the Holy Spirit blocks him twice, pushing him instead to Asia Minor with clear direction. What waits for Paul by obeying a clear directive from God is...not exactly what he expected.

Acts 17 - A Tale of Three Cities
Rev. Dana Skinner, wife of one of our university pastors.
Luke records the ministry of Paul in three Greek cities with three distinct reactions and results.

Acts 18 - God's Power During Hardship
Paul runs into persecution and hardship everywhere he goes, but he has a consistent message that the power of Christ is most evident NOT in the miraculous, but in our ability to be faithful during hardship.

Acts 18 - Part 2 - The Introduction of Apollos
Apollos is apparently the most highly educated man in the New Testament. Formally trained in literature, philosophy, rhetoric AND the Christian faith.

Acts 19-20 - A Pastor's Last Words
Paul's address to the Ephesian elders. He is on his way to Jerusalem and he thinks he might not survive. Paul knows his Jewish detractors (and the Jewish Christian leadership is not behind him either) are against him.

Acts 21 - Prophetic Warnings to Paul
Paul is on his way to Jerusalem. At least twice Paul is warned that danger and difficulty await him. The believers beg him not to go, but Paul is ready to die if he must to obey God.

Acts 21-22 - Paul Arrested in the Jerusalem Temple
Paul had been warned that danger and hardship lay ahead of him. He is arrested when, following the directive of the Jewish Christian leaders, he visits the Temple to take a vow.

Acts 23-26 - Paul Puts Himself into the Hands of the Romans
Paul represents himself before the Roman governor, but when it appears that he will be sent back to Jerusalem to stand trial, he formally appeals to be heard by Caesar. We learn in Romans that Paul was already thinking about presenting the gospel in Rome.

Acts 28 - Paul Sits in Prison in the city of Rome
After pushing the Roman legal system so he can preach the gospel in Rome, Paul finds himself sitting in prison for two years waiting for his trial. Paul's life was a combination of being greatly used by God and suffering for God.


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