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Teaching Series - 1-2 Timothy

1 Timothy - Historical Background
Did Paul write 1-2 Timothy letters? Timothy is in Ephesus. When would Paul have written these letters? Is Paul in prison?

1-2 Timothy - Intro: Timothy, the Man
Most Christians do not fully understand nor appreciate how important Timothy was in the primitive church. He was Paul's number one co-worker from all we can see in the New Testament.

1-2 Timothy - Intro of the False Teachers
1 Timothy is being written primarily because there were false teachers influencing the church in Ephesus. This is an intro to these false teachings in the early church...what it means to us today.

1 Timothy 2 - Women Shall Keep Silent
Why does Paul make 2-3 stark comments about women in this letter? They shall keep silent in the church? How can that be and why would he say these things concerning? This is a quick study of how positive Paul is towards women.

1 Timothy 3 - Qualifications for Leadership
A brief study of the directives given by Paul concerning the choosing of persons for Leadership in the Church. Why do we get this text? The only clear listing of this type in all Paul's letters (Titus as well).

1 Timothy 3 - Jesus Took on Flesh
At the end of chapter three Paul cites either a creed or a hymn that speaks of Jesus "in the flesh." This is a direct attack on the false teachers.

1 Timothy 4 - Myths and Genealogies
What does Paul mean by "myths and genealogies?" Where do the false teachers get these genealogies? How does this compare with the NT gospel materials?

1 Timothy 5 - The Care of Widows
In this chapter we have the most lengthy NT passage on widows and how the responsibility of the Church towards widows. It is also the best clue of some of the bad behavior of the false teachers.

2 Timothy - Introduction
We find that Paul is chained in a Roman prison. How and when did this happen? We will look at the evidence from the church fathers of the second and early third centuries to gain understanding.

2 Timothy 1 - Paul Suffering for the Gospel
Paul is calling Timothy to stand up and suffer with him for the gospel. What is Paul's gospel and which things should we suffer for?

2 Timothy 2 - Influence One at a Time
Paul gives Timothy his methodology for HOW to spread the gospel. The "pattern" is to influence one person at a time who will turn around do the same with others.

2 Timothy 2 - Sovereignty and Free Will
Paul gives a "trustworthy saying" that is somewhat enigmatic and difficult to fully understand. We will look closely at this passage.

2 Timothy 2:14-19 - Be responsive to God
WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION...We MUST put effort into living for Him. This is the free will aspect. WE have to cooperate with God as He works in our lives.

2 Timothy 3:1-8 - Obedience
Parents are supposed to teach their children to be respectful to authority. And when parents do not enforce their God-given authority with their children...trouble follows


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